Visit our 80 acre New River Kiwanis Community Park; click New River Kiwanis Info

Larkyn Memorial Arena (click here for map) was built in memory of a New River teen who loved horses. 
To schedule an Event at the arena contact Ed Taylor 602-739-1235 If the Arena is not scheduled for an event, it is available for practice riding.   
Larkyn Arena is now on face book - check it out.
Arena Users:
■  The arena use is free unless scheduled and may be reserved on any day.  This arena is maintained solely by Kiwanis of New River and a donation box is available for donations to help maintain the tractor and help provide water and upkeep for the arena.  If you are using the arena and charging a fee for any reason you must schedule the arena and provide proof of insurance.  Rental fees will apply
■  Unless you have rented the arena, give way when others request it within a reasonable amount of time. Always be courteous when dealing with other groups for what may not bother your horse may spook others.  Thank you for your patronage of Larkyn Memorial Arena.
For more info, email:
ALL arena events are listed on calendar below: